Invest in a Florence Gold Mine! (ID)

This is a unpatented mining claim. Which means it's mineral rights only. Mineral rights are considered real property but they aren't surface rights. Which means it's still National Forest Land. But, mining claim owners who own mineral rights have many privileges that most people are not aware of. With an approved plan of operations you can build temporary structures such as living quarters, or storage sheds, out houses, ect. You can live on your claim for extended periods of time, even all year around, if you are planning on testing or working your claim. You can build new roads and trails and cut timber to access your claim , etc. An unpatented mining claim is perpetual. It can be bought, sold, traded, or willed and can be maintained forever in two ways. One, is pay an assessment fee of $140 every year. Or two, is filing a waver and an affidavit that states that you did $140 worth of assessment work on your claim for the year. It costs $20 to file these forms. In completion of one of these options, this claim will remain yours, with a federal serial number. These claims are in a proven gold discovery. The neat thing is that you can stay on you mining claim for 14 days straight, and casual mine without a plan of operations. Its only anything over 14 days or large scale operations that require an operating plan! My name is Travis Hollon I live in Riggins ID. I'm about 1 hour from Florence. I'll be Prospecting in Florence all summer long and look forward to helping you in any way I can to find great gold on your new claim. Call or Email for web address and pictures!! Thanks.
For More Information call-Travis Hollon (208)628-3691