40 Acre Placer Mine $3000 cash/$4000 trade (ID)

40 acre placer claim situated on the Deadwood River, Boise County, Idaho...Claim has an APPROVED MINERAL SURVEY, original discovery in 1890's, owned by same family till 1929...An $8,000 wagon road and two shafts were the first improvements....Shafts reportedly produced 66oz Au....Claim is BLM recorded, IMC 212457, and in good standing till 9-1-2015....This is a NON dredging area; we use screen classifiers, electric pumps, gold wheels, and clean up sluice to good ends...In 29 days of sampling we've produced 2.14oz Au; have assays from 45$ yd up to $650 yd....Will seriously entertain TRADES....Winchester, Ruger, Older Class A motorhome, small schoolie, camper van, Ford Probe, Pontiac Fiero, Lexus SC, GOLD, SILVER.........Been in the mining industry since 1970....Have listened to HUNDREDS of dynamite blasts over the years, so I am kinda hard of hearing, so it is better to Email/Text....mastermine420@gmail.com.....  (360) 550-2790