I am looking for a placer claim with water to dredge,high bank,sluice and pan in Georgia, Alabama or North Carolina. I want a place that I can set up a camp and leave my equipment there and prospect year round. I will split all findings with with owner 50/50. I am not greedy ! I would like to start as soon as possible. I am respectful of the owners land and will close all gates that I open, pick up all trash and take it off, keep a clean camp ! I will be glad to even help the owner around his farm when I am there if he needs help. I am good with livestock and farm machinery. I was born on a cattle farm and we did all the work ourselves. I will be more than glad to pay to prospect and sign a lease and split the findings with the land owner. I will also sign a liability waiver holding the land owner free of any type accident what so ever while I am on his or her land !

Please call me at (256)577-9261 or email me at eawebb1160@att.net. My name is Earl Webb.!